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Miami Bachelorette Boat Party Guide - GetMyBoat

Published: Dec 01 2019

So, your best friend is engaged, and you're the maid of honor! It's your responsibility to put together an epic bachelorette party for her and all your closest girlfriends. You've decided on Miami as the destination, and the flights and hotel rooms are booked for your crew. Now it's time to plan activities and put together a schedule for an unforgettable fling before the ring. Planning a bachelorette party is a big responsibility - but by choosing things to do that everyone loves, you'll be able to pull off a trip that everyone will be talking about for ages. Yacht and boat charters are the most popular choice for bachelorettes headed to Miami Beach. On your private party yacht, you can drink and dance the day away, stopping at sandbars and islands and admiring the Miami skyline from the water. And what if we told you, you could book the whole boat day right from your phone with the GetMyBoat mobile app?

Planning a Bachelorette Boat Party

Before you start shooting off inquiries to boat captains, make sure you've got all your details sorted out. Start by asking the bride-to-be what she wants. You might have exciting visions of the yacht trip you want, but if it doesn't match up with what the girl of the moment is hoping for, there's going to be conflict. Get an idea of what she's hoping for and use that to create your plan.

Weather is everything. While you're most likely to enjoy gorgeous sunshine and warmth while in Miami, you have to be careful if your visit is during hurricane season or if you see storms on the radar. While it's impossible to predict the weather, if you can see a forecast for your date before sending an inquiry, you can choose the best possible day of your vacation for the boating excursion.

Before finalizing a booking for a boat or yacht, ask for a price estimate on what the cost will be per person. Communicate the details to the other attendees so they know what to expect financially and what they will get for their money. This will make it easier to get everyone to cough up the cash, rather than booking it and then demanding to be paid back later.

Create your packing list for your boat day! While you might think you can go off memory, it's so much easier to have a checklist when organizing an activity for a large group. Get to the grocery store, make sure you have plenty of drinks, create a party playlist, and don't forget to pack sunscreen!

Communicate with the Captain

When sending off your inquiry, making your expectations and desires as clear as possible is the best way to ensure the perfect boat day. Always sort out the basics - pick-up time, desired duration of a cruise (all day or just an afternoon? A morning cruise? You will need to decide what makes sense with your Miami itinerary) the date, meeting or pick-up location, the price and what the boat charter will include. Always inquire about extra fees for gas or other add-ons of the trip.

Once you've sorted out the basics, feel free to get more detailed. Miami boat captains are experts at providing unforgettable boat cruises and yacht parties. They will give you insight on where to stop, as well as let you know about any special extras that can be included on board, floaties and other toys included if watersports activities are an option as well. Inquire about any food or drinks that are included or items like an iced-down cooler for keeping your drinks cold. Some captains do not allow red wine onboard, so that's something to keep in mind and ask about.

It's also nice to include a few brief details about your group - so the captain can have an idea of who you girls are what you're hoping to experience on your day out.

Types of Boats to Rent for a Bachelorette

Miami is host to a huge variety of boats, from luxury superyachts to budget powerboats. You have options to choose from when creating your perfect boat day. Here are some different boats you can choose from, to get an idea of which one will be best for your bachelorette boat bash:

Pontoon rentals in Miami are great for casual cruising and bigger groups. They are typically quite affordable and easy to stop and jump off for swimming breaks and sunbathing on deck. Pontoon rentals in Miami start at $100/hour, so they are also a very affordable option, especially when you divide up the cost amongst your crew. 

Bareboat or self-drive boats that you can rent on your own are perfect for smaller, intimate groups on a budget. You can rent boats in Miami for as little as $49/hour, make sure someone in your group has boating experience, and is okay with being the sober driver. You'll get a chance to see the highlights of Miami from the water without breaking the bank.

If your group has money to spend, consider booking a luxury yacht rental for your bachelorette boat party. Cruise in opulence around the Miami skyline and hot spots. Luxury yachts that come with a captain for the perfect boat day. Many luxury yacht charters in Miami come with lily pads, tubes, and other float toys, sometimes even jet skis! You'll feel like queens cruising around on your yacht, stopping at sandbars in style. You can also book a boat for an overnight adventure, sleeping onboard in fully-equipped cabins.

Would your group rather cruise by wind power? Consider a sailing tour around Miami. A skipper will sail you on a catamaran and or monohull sailboat and provide a chill boating experience from Miami. Sail around the sandbars and islands, cruise into the open ocean, and relax on your sailboat with your best friends. Sunset sailing tours are a great option too.

If you're on a tight budget or planning your boat cruise very last-minute and no private boats are available, you have the option of booking individual tickets on a group boat tour in Miami. Party boats and cruises with other visitors to Miami can be an incredible experience. It's great for groups of social girls looking to meet new people during their bachelorette party, and there is often a great crew and bartenders on board to make sure your cup stays full and that everyone has a great time.

Miami Sandbars for Bachelorette Boat Parties

Miami is a beloved boating destination for all the fun islands and sandbars you can hop around

to during your party. You're likely to encounter other bachelorette groups, as well as all sorts of boaters out enjoying the sunshine and stopping for a sandbar party. There are food and drink vendors who can deliver food by kayak, and it's a popular tourist attraction and thing to do for Miami visitors.

Some of the top sandbars and islands to stop at in Miami by boat include Haulover Sandbar and Nixon Sandbar. They are great for bachelorette parties looking to blast some great music and dance on board, as well as offer the chance to meet other people who pull in on their boats. The water is crystal clear and perfect for a quick swim or stopping for a dance party on your boat. It's a great way to get into the social atmosphere of Miami during the day time, and you'll want to continue parting well into the night.

What to bring onboard

Before you make your way to the marina for your boat day, make sure you've got everything! Sunscreen is essential - you don't want to ruin the rest of your vacation= with a vicious Florida sunburn. A hat is also a good idea, especially if you're going to be out all day. It will protect your face if you forget to reapply lotion after swimming. And don't forget your coolest pair of sunglasses - no one wants to squint in pictures, and protecting your eyes from the reflection off the water is essential.

If your group plans on getting in the water, remind everyone to bring a towel with them, as well as a cute cover-up to throw on in case you stop at an oceanside bar during your yacht cruise. Another essential you don't want to forget is music! Create a few bachelorette party playlists, and make sure you get some suggestions from the bride-to-be about which songs she will want to hear about on her boat day. If you're boating all day, you're going to get hungry. It's a good idea to hit up a grocery store in Miami with your boat squad to get snacks and drinks to hold you over for the day, but if you forget to bring food, you can always stop at restaurants like SeaSpice or Garcia's for a delicious seafood meal right on the water. Where to go on land for an after-party

Once you're ready to get back to land, there's so much to do in Miami to keep the party atmosphere alive. Visit a top Miami restaurant on the water like Kiki on the River, Little Bayside Grill, The Wharf, The Rusty Pelican, and Whiskey Joe's.

Some of the top nightclubs to visit in Miami include Sobe Nightlife, South Beach, STORY Nightclub, and Purdy Lounge. Roll up after a day of boating for an incredible night of dancing and cocktails in a lively atmosphere that will carry you through until the morning. 


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