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Miami-Dade Moving to a New Normal - Covid19 04/27/2020

Boating & Waterways

The following rules and guidelines are for all on-water and related activity including charter vessels, kayaking and canoeing, boat ramps, fish cleaning stations, fishing piers and public restrooms and ship stores. Items below with an asterisk are in accordance with CDC and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission guidelines.

Persons engaged in any otherwise allowed activity who are not observing social distancing will be required to leave the area or be subject to the penalties proscribed in section 8B-12 of the Code of Miami-Dade County. Please review the rules and guidelines in this section to ensure safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Limited Activities

Allowed Activities

  • Boating (Boats, kayaks and canoes must remain 50 feet apart at all times)

  • Charter Vessels

  • Passengers (Must be boarded before launch)

  • Single Boat Launches Only (Vessels must be prepared in advanced, one per ramp)

  • Bait & Tackle, Fuel Docks Open

  • Jet Ski Rental (Single Riders Only)

  • Fish Cleaning Station

  • Fishing Piers

  • Restrooms

Not Allowed

  • Tying Up (Including Stiltsville)

  • Rafting

  • Anchoring (Including no anchoring in the shallow sandbars (e.g., Haulover Sandbar, Nixon Beach Sandbar, Sands Cut Sandbar and others)

  • Beaching (No beaching of boats on Monument Island, Sandspur Island (“Beer Can Island”), Pace Picnic Island or others

  • Landings

Boats & Vessels

Boat Capacity

  • Boats 25’ or less: Four adults maximum, plus children. Maximum of 8 on the boat.

  • Boats 26’ – 36’: Six adults maximum, plus children. Maximum of 10 on the boat.

  • Boats 37’ +: Eight adults maximum, plus children. Maximum of 10 on the boat.

  • No boat shall exceed the maximum capacity of persons per “maximum capacity label”. Children must be 17 and under.

Charter Vessels

  • Captain, crew and patrons must wear facial coverings and gloves and practice social distancing*

  • "Six-Pack" vessels must adhere to no more than four guests per vessel and CDC guidelines

  • Vessels must adhere to CDC guidelines to include social distancing; delineate "Safe" patron fishing positions on seats, vessel railings or deck with tape (6-foot minimum spacing)

  • All fisherman must have their own fishing poles and tackle. No rental of equipment is allowed

  • Restroom (head) must have CDC cleanliness guidelines posted, be sanitized/disinfected hourly or as needed; soap, water, and/or hand sanitizer for patrons required

  • Fish cleaning/bait table stations: One person per station at a time. Proper cleaning and sanitation processes should always be practiced

  • If mates are filleting fish patrons caught, only one mate per table

  • Landside operations: Check in location is required to practice safe social distancing and utilize personal protective equipment*

  • Delineate, with tape, safe social distance positions for those waiting in line to check in/out

  • Staff and patrons must wear facial coverings, while on the dock, practicing safe social distancing

Launch Areas

  • Boat ramps will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily

  • One boat per launch ramp will be permitted at a time.

  • Vessels must be prepared in advance to launch (plug secured, dock lines tied, safety equipment and provisions already onboard).

  • All passengers must board the vessel before it is launched

  • Upon returning to the dock, all passengers must remain on the vessel until the boat is ready to be loaded unto the trailer. Once loaded, the passenger(s) shall return to their vehicle(s) and exit the launch facility

  • Kayak/canoe launch areas are open. Users should follow CDC social distancing guidelines

Piers & Facilities

  • Access to public restrooms will be available. Safe protocol in accordance with CDC guidelines must be followed

  • On piers, social distancing at a minimum of 10 feet between fishermen must be followed

  • One person per fish cleaning station at a time. Proper cleaning and sanitation processes should always be practiced. Social distancing should be practiced at all times*


  • Bait and tackle stores will be required to practice social distancing and utilize personal protective equipment*

  • Staff may limit the number of persons using bait and tackle shops to ensure social distancing is maintained

Source: Miami-Dade.Gov

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